Life versus facebook

facebook is down!  Now what?  I usually spend the majority of my days playing various facebook games and reading updated statuses.  Today I suppose I must actually participate in life.  I had a theory that my games, whether facebook or others, worked well based on how well I am managing my real life.  Today the theory is disproved, I’ve done the dishes, made the bed, performed my morning stretched for PT, straightened the bathroom and still facebook games are not working.  There is still much to do around the house but I presume that once I’ve finished those tasks the status of facebook will not be changed based on those accomplishments.

Of course I realize (and I hope you do too) that the above is merely a mental tool I’ve devised in order to pepper my daily computer activities with real life.

For those of you who are continuing to experience facebook problems I have discovered a site where you can determine whether others are experiencing the same issues.

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